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Week by Week- Pregnancy

40 Weeks Pregnant

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40 weeks

Your 40 weeks pregnant!!

0 days to go!


Baby is measuring: 20.2 inches & 7.6 lbs 📏
Size: Pumpkin 🎃

Congratulations! If you don’t yet have your newborn baby in your arms, you soon will!

Your baby:

Your baby is now ready for the outside world. 🏞

Baby;s continuing to grow hair and nails.

And keeping up that lung development too. 🌬

Your body:

A continuation of the symptoms of the last few weeks: leg cramps, pelvic pressure, trouble sleeping, fatigue and contractions.

Anxious! Don’t worry. Baby will be here soon. 👶🏼

Things to do: 📝

  • Schedule your 41-week prenatal visit.
  • Talk to your doctor about induction options. 🏥

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