Thursday, May 23, 2019


Thanks for reading my blog and joining me on my journey!

My name is Kendall, I grew up in a small town in Oregon with a population of less then 2,000 people.

Since then I have went to college to become a Medical Assistant and have been working in the field for about 6 years. Taking care of people and animals has always been my passion!

This last year in 2018 I have married the love of my life and now we are expecting a little one! Our plan is to have me be a stay at home mom while my husband works, which I would gladly do! So of course I have downloaded all the applications regarding pregnancy and have been researching different ways to earn some extra money to help my husband with our bills.

Since I have spent so much time and have gained some knowledge around this I decided I want to keep helping people by creating this blog! My goal is to have a consolidated blog post for each week of pregnancy so all the information from each app is all in one spot as well as different freebies I have found during my pregnancy.

Ill also be posting money saving/earning tips and tricks; different applications I have tried and/or using to earn some extra side cash, at home jobs, and couponing.

Follow me for updates! Also, let me know if you have any suggestions! 🙂



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