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Baby Registries

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When trying to make your baby registry, it can get a little stressful. I had absolutely no idea which company I should register under. Also, most company’s didn’t have EVERYTHING that I wanted to put on my list or I knew the item was priced better at another store then the store I chose.

That is why I wanted to create this list that everyone can use to make sure they find the best place to register at based off of what they prefer.




Baby List is by far my most favorite registry of all! If you already set up a registry with other company’s, you can easily add them to this one!



You can add any item from any store to this registry and if you look at it on a desktop it will show you the best deals at specific stores! Um YES!



They also will send you free cards to put into your Baby Shower invites, you can order as many as you need!


60 days prior to your baby’s arrival they will have a 10% off discount for you on items that are sold through


One of my favorite things is that when your baby shower is over, you can download your “Thank you” list. Simple & easy way to track who gave you which gifts.


They have 5 star-rated apps on IOS and Android so you can register on the go!




Target is another great option to register through. They provide a 15% discount on any items left on your registry 8 weeks before your baby’s arrival and easy exchanges and returns up to a year after your due date!


Oh, and did I mention they also have free Welcome Box to give you too??


They also supply almost all the best brands from Graco to Fisher-Price, even Aveeno Baby!


They now supply their exclusive brand Cloud island!



Just like the one above, they have a Universal Registry where you can add the items you want from other websites and gift tracking to see who gave you what and who you’ve thanked. But Target also includes a registry checklist so you don’t forget the important things.



Who doesn’t like Amazon?!?


Their Baby Registry option made me love them even more! They have most of the same options as the 2 above. Ill list it all below:

-Another free Welcome box!!

-Universal Registry (like above)

-Completion Discount- Once your registry is complete they provide you with a 15% discount for Prime members! Woop woop!

-Free 90 day returns.


-Group gifting.

BuyBuy Baby

I personally never tried this registry but have heard great things about it!

After looking online and reading what people have to say, it seems pretty good!



-There is another freebie! (Have to pick up in store though)

-You can get the rest of your items on your registry 15% off! Yes please!

-There is a interactive checklist to keep track of items you need and want.

-You can track gifts easily for your Thank you list!!


Did anyone else NOT know that Walmart has a baby registry?? I guess it make sense now that I think about it, ha ha! (Pregnancy brain, sorry!)


This registry seems pretty simple over all. There isn’t a ton of amazing things they offer but Ill list what they have:

-Free Welcome box (look how cute it is!)


-Walmart App to access your registry anytime.

-Free returns

-And the best part!-

-Price match guarantee!!




Once again, I had no idea that they had a registry! My friend just told me that’s where she registered and I was in shock!

They don’t have any “cool” options or free box’s. They are a basic registry with basic options. At least your friends can get awesome deals for great brands!





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